We dream of a society free from Hunger & Poverty.

Rural Development Associate (RDA) is a community based non-profitable, non-government, non-political community based organization. It was established in the year of 1996 with the active cooperation and participation of some dedicated social workers in the field of rural and urban development program. The aim of the organization is to undertake humanitarian development program for making free the society from exploitation, starvation illiteracy of the under privileged and disadvantage women and children of the society. RDA is a social welfare, non-political and non-sectarian organization, which is engaged to uplift social and economic, lives of the disadvantaged groups especially poor farmers, women and rural youth. RDA extended its utmost through implementing various economic and social activities especially in the field of Agriculture, Education, Health, Environment and Relief distribution.
Since its inception the RDA has been working with the poor people of the community to bring about their socio-economic upliftment and cultural progress and reconstruct the society on social justice. Most of the people in its working areas have been living much below subsistence level. The situation of women of this area is worse. They work hard down to dusk and their life is full of exploitation and oppression. Dowry and early marriages are regular phenomena. Realizing this fact, RDA has become forward to help them and improve their situation. It is planned to organize these powerless and resource less people into groups make them conscious and aware of their situation in the society specially, the women make them upliftment and better living methods through day to day motivation, education, training to skill development in various field of human development by which the basic needs of human life will be fulfilled.

What We Do

RDA is primarily for the betterment of the social and economic development of the livelihoods of disserved people, particularly poor farmers, women and the rural youth.RDA is expanding through various economic and social activities such as agriculture, education, health, environment and relief distribution.


Our Approach

To rebuild and develop a society free from poverty and hunger by promoting all human, cultural, traditional, and spiritual values of mankind where people can take proper care of health, shelter, education and environment.


Our Mission

By providing services such as awareness-raising, skills enhancement, capacity building, counseling and development programs to improve the quality of life in rural and urban areas for socio-economic development.We undertake development programs in various fields like health, nutrition, education, agriculture and environment, HIV/AIDS, savings and depositsfor the people at the grass-root level.

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