Our Portfolio 


With the aim of providing financial support to the underprivileged working women, RDA acquired Microcredit Regulatory Authority (MRA) License in 2013. Thus, the journey of Microfinance started.


Both financial and construction support to build Low Cost CGI-Sheet Houses on beneficiary’s own land.


Housing project for indigent homeless families on neglected haor areas.

Afroza Mina Grant

Scholarships for disadvantaged students to provide board exam fees.

Afroza Mina Health

Awareness program on airborne disease prevention.

Technology Transfer on Year-round Homestead Vegetable Gardening

A program to help and educate people on how to grow homestead vegetables and fruits on their own land.

Integrated Area Development

Integrated Area Development is not simply planning for agriculture or industry or dome isolated sections of the sectors but it is a planning for all such activities which have the potentials of development in that area.

Non-Formal Education for flood affected children

A project to educate children affected by flood who can’t pursue formal education.

Non- Formal Primary Education for children

A program to aware children who can’t get formal education due to the lack of financial backbone.

Post literacy and continuing Education for Human Development Project-1 (PLCEHD-1)

The main development objective is to increase the functional application of literacy skills by providing post-literacy and continuing education to neo-literates through a more comprehensive and enhanced system of non-formal education.

Saheli Center

Small centers to train destitute women on income generating activities.