Integrated Area Development

Funded By: Department of Agriculture Extension and Islamic Development Bank

The evaluation for Integrated Area Development was more of a review based on discussions and observations of the activities of RDA in Madaripur district than a vigorous quantitative evaluation of the project. Discussion were help with member at group meetings, to collect their views about the program activities and their impact with staff members in project area also to gather their views about the program management and impacts. The focus of RDA has been formation of groups for implementing development acitivites such as savings collections, credit disbursement, sanitation awareness, disaster preparedness, health and safety training etc. RDA has been successful in reaching out to very poor households and unaware population of target area. RDA also motivated and collected savings from the members and disbursed collected amount as a loan to small business owners to create more income generating activities. Which also motivated members to continue this process despite program closing on project area.

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