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Microfinance, also known as microcredit, is a type of banking service provided to unemployed or low-income individuals or groups who otherwise would have had no other access to financial services.

Modern microfinance in Bangladesh has expanded its scope from home-based activities and self-employment to include savings and insurance, microenterprises, and productive employment. Microcredit also helped to diversify borrowers’ economic activities. Hence, boosting incomes in the process. Since 2006, RDA have financed both men and women which had important impacts on income, labor supply, household assets, and net worth. With the blessing of financial stability, these families could also support their children’s schooling. The Program takes savings from its clients and members. RDA is sucesffuly maintaining its laon recovery rate above 99% which is outstanding accordingly to MRA’s guideline. RDA also has a Risk fund which helps out it’s clients and members if any accident occurs. RDA has been improving its portfolio quality and diversified impact on different social economical groups and professions over the years.

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