Post literacy and continuing Education for Human Development Project-1 (PLCEHD-1)

Funded By: Ministry of Primary and Mass Education

Given the overwhelming number of illiterates and the breadth of poverty still in the country, non-formal concentrated on literacy education, has also been a high priority in Bangladesh. There is a national consensus on needing educational opportunities for the excluded and the unreached populations specifically those who did not complete formal education. In major cases poor people and rural people drop out of educational system mostly out of poverty and necessity to work at a young age and require a more flexible system (working children and adults). The Government is currently supporting substantial investments aimed at increasing basic literacy among young adults and hard-to-reach children. This project responds to the Government request for assistance to build on the foundation established under the current non-formal education projects, and to further develop the non-formal education system in Bangladesh. post literacy and continuing education for Human Development (PLCEHD) to the new-literate male and female in an illiteracy free area with 30 female and 30 male learners in each center. Each center operates in two shifts. Monitor the program with the necessary linkages with the potential employer, market or credit institution for self employment activities.

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