Technology Transfer on Year-round Homestead Vegetable Gardening

Funded By: Cumulative Fund

Consuming more fresh fruits and vegetables is one of the most important things that we can do to stay healthy. Vitamin content can be at its highest when vegetables are consumed fresh. One of the benefits of enjoying garden vegetables is that you can grow organic vegetables for a fraction of the cost in the stores.

Besides, it can be practiced as a profitable income generating activity. With this project, RDA conducted baseline survey to select beneficiaries with own land to setup a vegetable garden. In rural Bangladesh’s context, lots of farmer families have yard alongside their home. Not only farmers, in general anyone can setup a garden and grow their own vegetables for themselves and turn this garden into an income generating activity. RDA organized ‘Chashi Rallies’ to bring awareness on this. During the baseline survey, potential beneficiaries with enough land on their yard were selected for hands-on training and demonstration of homestead vegetable gardening.

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