Voter and Civic Education and Observation of Ninth Parliamentary Election

Funded By: Asia Foundation and Khan Foundation

Voter education takes place to assist the election administration in its task of delivering a free, fair, efficient and cost-effective election. It encompasses the basic voter information that every voter must have in order to arrive prepared at the voting station and vote on the dedicated voting day(s). Voter education sensitizes the electorate on the importance of participating in elections. Voter education provides the background attitudes, behaviors, and knowledge among citizens that stimulate and consolidate democracy. During an election, this education will ensure effective organization and activism by citizens in support of parties and/or causes, behavior by citizens that is appropriate to a peaceful election, acceptance of results and tolerance of the competition and opposition. Education on its own cannot sustain democracy. However, education can protect democracy when citizens are supported in their activity by a responsive and democratic state. Indeed, an educated citizenry can even overcome inadequacies in administrative preparations for an election. During the ninth parliamentary election RDA worked on voter Awareness building. Along with that RDA also rallied and conducted several meetings about importance and impact of voting, importance of democracy, voting on election day etc. On election day RDA was tasked with observation of vote casting as a separate entity to ensure fair election.

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